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The Country Santa Program collects toys for needy children across the upstate of South Carolina. 

Since 1978, Mr. Buddy Cox of Pumpkintown has helped needy children in the foothills of South Carolina at Christmas. He is affectionately known as the "COUNTRY SANTA".

Country Santa will start a new season (No. 38) on Monday 11/30/15 when we start bagging for children.  Anyone interested in helping should contact Karen Dodgens at 898-4422.  Leave a message and she will get back with you.

Some Stats for 2014:

Helped over 1300 families
Gave toys to over 3300 children
Passed out approx. 130 boxes of food
Used approx. 2000 Hefty trash bags
Used 39 rolls of Duck Tape (about 1.3 miles of tape)


Children don't understand that life is hard and sometimes there just isn't enough for Christmas presents. A child believes that Santa will find them Christmas morning.


"Share A Smile With A Child" by donating to the COUNTRY SANTA Program. We accept ONLY new unwrapped toys and monetary donations year around.

Over the past several years, the Country Santa Programs has been on the Sec. of State Angels List.  To be on this list, you must devote 80% to of its total expenses to the program services. In 2014, Country Santa Program devoted 97.8% to its program.


112 Reece Lane (physical address)
P.O. Box 856  (
mailing address)
Pickens, SC  29671
Phone: (864) 898-4422


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